Recipe Rebuild: Pancakes Done Grain Free and Healthy!


We all struggle with finding a breakfast that is healthy, balanced & satisfying. Our suggestion? Pancakes! But not just any pancakes. These grain-free, protein-infused pancakes are the perfect... Read More

The BEST way to stay in shape when traveling...

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One of the most common questions we get from our members is what to do while they are traveling, either on vacation or a busy work travel schedule.  We chose a question from Tyler Kimble who... Read More

5 Strategies to Avoid Gaining Weight on Vacation


Vacation Weight Gain 101. Summer is here and for a lot of you that means vacation time. You've worked hard for the last several months on your training and nutrition, shed a few extra unwanted... Read More

3 Reasons You Lost Your Motivation...

We've all been there.  For the last few weeks you've been crushing it at the gym and doing great with your nutrition.  You feel like you are really starting to make some progress and can't wait... Read More

Celebrate Pi Day with this clean cheat meal!


Our latest recipe rebuild is an American classic:  Pizza.  Everyone loves pizza, and in honor of Pi day (March 14), we are serving up this gluten free pizza recipe.  While we do encourage you to... Read More

Recipe Rebuild #2: National Pancake Day!

nat pancakes

Happy National Pancake Day! Are you wondering how as gym owners we can healthfully promote Pancake day?  Before you drown your sorrows in your black coffee, turkey bacon and egg whites, read on. ... Read More

Recipe Rebuild #1: Shrimp Fried Rice...Made Healthy!

shrimp fried rice

We know how hard you all work.  You’ve cleaned up your diet and are eating healthy but after weeks of the same foods you are likely getting bored.  Starting today, we will provide you one new... Read More

Coaching Fat Loss and General Fitness Clients - A Counter Rant


I decided to sit down and write this after I was sent a "newsletter" from another fitness coach which left me at a loss for words.  The newsletter began with letting you know that  "if you think... Read More

New Year's Resolution Solution - Aspire Fitness 21 Day Challenge

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What is your New Year's Resolution for 2016? Lose bodyfat? Get stronger and add lean muscle? Just want to feel good about yourself again? Ask yourself why you've failed in the past? Not... Read More

Don't be "that guy" this Thanksgiving...


Thanksgiving is finally here !  It should be a day spent with family and friends, enjoying great food, and enjoying the same old stories that can still make you laugh no matter how many times... Read More

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