3 Tips to Get Back on Track with Your Nutrition


A Conversation. During a recent morning training session one of our clients came in to check her progress before starting with her warmup. After coming out of the office I asked the usual... Read More

Pushups for Heart Health? The point the media missed in this recent Study.


You may have noticed on Facebook and in the news recently this study getting a lot of attention.  Read More

How to avoid a derailed diet on Super Bowl Sunday

How to avoid a derailed diet on Super Bowl Sunday-1

The Super Bowl is upon us once again and most of us will be going to a friends house or down to the local sports bar to partake in this yearly pastime. But, If you are trying to lose body fat and... Read More

The 10 Rules for Life Long Fat Loss


Over the last several months I've become increasingly interested in what seems to be the missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to health and fitness in our country. Read More

Smart Snacking

smart snacking-1

When discussing nutrition, we constantly hear requests for healthy and easy "snack" ideas.  Many of us are constantly on-the-go heading from one place to the next all day OR stuck in an office... Read More

Recipe Rebuild: Clean Cut Cole Slaw


Our latest recipe dishes up a terrific side perfect for any hot summer day.  Omitting the vinegar saves calories and shelf life!  It's an easy, tasty way to get up a healthy serving of veggies... Read More

Recipe Rebuild: Mac & Cheese Casserole

mac n cheese

  Read More

Are YOU Using the Scale as a Compass or Report Card?


This blog came from a recent conversation with a client, who had be doing great with their training and nutrition but wanted more feedback as to WHY things weren't moving faster..... Enjoy! Read More

Is MyFitnessPal Causing Eating Disorders?


I came across  THIS interesting study that looked at just over 100 people diagnosed with eating disorders and their use of MyFitnessPal. Read More

Super Healthy, Super Bowl Recipes !

Superbowl Sunday is coming up and we're right in the middle of one of the biggest transformation challenges we've ever had at Aspire Fitness. Read More

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