How to avoid a derailed diet on Super Bowl Sunday

How to avoid a derailed diet on Super Bowl Sunday-1
The Super Bowl is upon us once again and most of us will be going to a friends house or down to the local sports bar to partake in this yearly pastime. But, If you are trying to lose body fat and live a healthier lifestyle then the day is filled with worry and anxiety of what you are going to eat.  Let’s see WHY we struggle and HOW we combat it. 
Here are 4 Reasons that Super Bowl Party might derail you. 
1. You’ve been depriving yourself for the first month of the year. 
"I’m going to lose 50 pounds of fat this year.” Sound familiar? It has been one month since you made that statement and you are working as if you are going to lose 50 pounds in just a single month. Overtraining and under-eating is one of the big causes of someone to “burn out” around this time of year. If you have been starving yourself for the past mont, there is no doubt one chicken wing will turn into a full blow binge experience. 
2. You can't say no to family or friends, and they will try to sabotage you (unintentionally). 
“Here, have some of my famous (insert any food).” You go to the party and everyone is handing you beers, appetizers, and desserts, but do you really want to eat it or are you just avoiding saying no? Remember that their goals aren’t YOUR goals. You are the one who has to go home with YOUR body, so do it a favor and make your own food choices. Just say "no thanks, I’m full."
3. You drink in excess 
I’m all about having a few beers while watching the game, but if you are really into living a healthy lifestyle and treating your body right, you must limit your intake. Drinking too much will also lower your inhibition and not allow you to really recognize how much food you are eating. 
4. You use this day as an excuse to have a “cheat day.”
As a nutrition coach, I hear that word a lot. Yes, you should be able to enjoy yourself, but that doesn’t mean that the calories consumed and the damage both mentally and physically does not count. Calories are calories, no matter the day, time, or place. So don’t use this as a free pass to set the world record eating competition. 
.......So, how do I survive?

  • Don’t look at the day as a special occasion, its just another day, with friends. Focus on the company rather then the food. Food will always be there, don’t worry. 
  • Lean protein, veggies, and water is the way to go 80% of the time. The other 20% just enjoy yourself. Have a beer or two, enjoy a few chicken wings, try that dip with some chips, but be AWARE of what you are eating. 
  • Don’t set records! Please don’t see how many wings you can eat in a minute. 
  • Make sure you don’t forget about the week ahead. Make sure you have food ready and you are back to your healthy daily habits. 
  • Most importantly be kind to your body, you only get one and it will be around for a long time
- Coach Sean 

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