3 Tips to Get Back on Track with Your Nutrition


A Conversation.

During a recent morning training session one of our clients came in to check her progress before starting with her warmup. After coming out of the office I asked the usual question. "How'd we do?" To which she replied.  "Eh, as expected." She wasn't disappointed or upset. Her bodyfat percentage had gone up a tick, nothing crazy, so I simply asked "Alright, well what's up?" She said, "I've been doing great and love the progress I've seen, but I can feel my habits beginning to slip ever so slightly.  I just need to find that motivation to get back into doing it again."

Now, for context this is not a beginner client looking to master some of the basics of nutrition. She knows the deal about protein, veggies, water, smart carb choices etc. She's not missing workouts, and is still pushing hard in the gym with her strength training. But, like almost EVERY client we work with, at some point the fire burns out for the habits that have gotten you this far, and you need a SPARK to get it going again.

So if your goal is to get back on track with better eating, here are some suggestions to get you going.

Tip 1: Revamp your Menu


Sure, going right back to a meal plan that worked in the past will certainly get you going again. However, we're looking for something NEW to get you excited about the journey again. By "new"  I don't mean some revolutionary new diet plan, just simply new meals on the list to get you going.  Don't be a tyrant to yourself either. You can't just sit down and make a list of meals that consists of only egg whites and spinach for breakfast, grilled chicken and lettuce for lunch, and broiled fish for dinner.  A little extra time figuring out meals that you'd actually WANT to eat that also adhere to some basic nutrition principles will save you loads of time and frustration throughout the week. But what if you don't know WHAT you want....

Tip #2  Buy a New Cookbook!

If you need inspiration, realize it must be sought out! You aren't just going to be sitting on your couch one day and magically a new recipe is going to come to mind. Get out there and browse through some cookbooks. Find ones that have recipes that suit your unique tastes and goals and get to work.

Here's one you won't find at a bookstore.It's from our friends at Precision Nutrition,  soyou can't count on the meals to be tasty and compliant!

Gourmet Nutrition                                         


Our Fitness Director, Caity Rosell, has really been enjoying this one as well.

Cook Once, Eat All Week!

The concept here is pretty cool in that you shop for certain proteins and veggies and then get a bunch of different recipes to use them throughout the week.  And finally..

Tip #3: Reaffirm, just ONE habit.

All or nothing approaches are great... at leaving us with nothing.  So instead of trying to drop everything at once, focus on just ONE thing that you know if you implement will get you closer to your goals. Sacrifice is part of every success. For me, it's easier to put something like this into a "this or that"line of reasoning.

  • Will I take the cream out of my coffee or ditch the booze during the week?  (Long live the cream!)
  • Ditch my nighttime snacking or ditch the extra daily protein bar?  (I love my hot chocolate)
  • Eliminate daily "treats" or the weekends out with friends? (I prefer out!)

Now, I'm not suggesting you have to do all these things, or any of these things for that matter. The key is that you do SOMETHING! There was a time where I was willing to sacrifice meals out and drinks with friends. But, right now with summer coming, I know I'm going to want to have a few drinks in the backyard and hang out. So, if I want to move forward, sacrifice and adjustments must be made elsewhere. 

Like I always say, "You are always just one meal, or one workout away from being back on track."  So let's get to work.

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